Chloe Khan previously rejected Big Brother 'because she's a business woman'

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Chloe Khan turned down last year's Big Brother because 'she's a business woman' and 'doesn't want to be famous'.

In a social media post back from December 2014 uncovered by The Sun, Chloe shared an message she had asking her to join BB the next year.

The message said: “Hi Chloe, I’m the Casting Producer for Big Brother 2015 and would love a chat. Please feel free to contact me or email with your contact number and I’ll give you a call.”

Chloe shared a picture of the invitation and captioned it: “BIG BROTHER. Lol NO THANKS.”

“I’m a business woman I’m about making money not about been famous," said Chloe, who as well as CBB has appeared on The X Factor and Snog, Mary, Avoid.

She went on: "Nicola really banged it on the head, it’s the media printing things while I’m in there out of my control

“I have family and I don’t want to cause any problems or embarrassment for a special little person in particular.”

Chloe concluded: “It’s just not for me.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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