Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Saira Khan accuses Chloe Khan of leading Heavy D on


Saira Khan has confronted Chloe Khan in Celebrity Big Brother for supposedly 'leading' Heavy D on.

Cornering Chloe in the bath where she couldn't run away from a lecture, Saira accused Chloe of "playing with people's emotions".

"Playing with other people's emotions is going to be very dangerous," she told the X Factor act turned model. "I know that you don't like Heavy D but I'm not sure you've actually had a sit down with him and said, 'Heavy, I know that you like me but we're going to be mates in here, I'm really sorry, I actually have feelings for Bear."

However Chloe didn't take Saira's non-stop words too kindly.

"Can I just speak now?" she asked, "I do not have feelings for Bear!"

Chloe insisted that their kiss was "just a dare" and that Saira was "reading too much into it."

"It didn't hurt any one, it didn't harm anyone," she added.

But Saira warned: "I'm telling you now, you're playing with people's emotions."

That proved to be a bit of an ironic comment as Saira's words left Chloe in tears.

"She's such a f**king snake," Chloe raged. "She's using her journalism skills to come across like she cares but she's playing a game plan."

The X Factor reject claimed: "I've clocked her today, she's the biggest f**king snake ever and I will never trust her again.

"I think she'll unravel herself and everyone will see. She says things at the right time and she knows what to say in front of the right people."

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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