Celebrity Big Brother viewers AND housemates want Bear REMOVED

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Celebrity Big Brother fans and even some of the housemates have demand that Bear is removed from the house.

It's after he was given a formal warning and spent a night away from the main house following ANOTHER major bust up.

The Ex On The Beach star was forced to be calmed down by a (HUGE) security guard before being removed away from the other housemates in tonight's show.

It all started after Heavy D and Bear clashed following a game of truth or dare which saw Bear snog Chloe Khan.

At gone 2AM, Heavy D and Bear began to argue and Big Brother called Heavy D to the diary room to take time to calm down when things looked like they were about to get physical between the pair.

However, Bear headed to the smoking area where he picked up a mug and threw it at a wall which damaged a mirror.

Big Brother intervened, and called Bear to the diary room, telling Bear that his behaviour was unacceptable and was not tolerated in the house

However he reacted: “This is a joke!” and pulled off one of the Diary Room doors as security stepped in.

For his unacceptable behaviour, Bear was issued him with a formal warning before spending the night in the spare room.

Meanwhile, in the garden, Bear's fellow housemates were keen for the drama to be "taken elsewhere" while Frankie called for a ban on booze after the dramatic night.

On Twitter after the latest episode and viewers were even more vocal...


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