Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Chloe Khan left in tears by "snake" Saira Khan

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

There's a new Celebrity Big Brother rivalry brewing with Chloe Khan losing it with Saira Khan.

Chloe was in tears in the house tonight over Saira's behaviour, accusing the model of 'leading' Heavy D on.

Saira had warned: "I'm telling you now, you're playing with people's emotions."

"She's such a f**king snake," Chloe raged. "She's using her journalism skills to come across like she cares but she's playing a game plan."

The X Factor reject claimed: "I've clocked her today, she's the biggest f**king snake ever and I will never trust her again.

"I think she'll unravel herself and everyone will see. She says things at the right time and she knows what to say in front of the right people."

Chloe went on: "She is a f**king snake, she's the worst snake ever, she's made me cry my eyes out today, and I never cry."

Chloe went on to have a girly gossip about Saira with Aubrey, Katie, Renee and Marnie.

Aubrey admitted that Saira did some "crazy s**t" and added: "I don't know why anyone would want to win this that bad that they would be that crazy about it."

"She's had her game head on from the very beginning," added Marnie.

Chloe concluded: "She is a f**king snake, she is the biggest player ever."

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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