Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Aubrey O'Day spits in Bear's food but is NOT kicked out


Aubrey O'Day spat in Stephen Bear's food and drink on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother, but stayed on the show.

For this week's shopping task, the house has been divided into two groups: The Artificials and The Humans.

Each Artificial is assigned a human to take care of and perform duties for and as part of the task, in scenes to be shown on tonight's highlights, Human Stephen demands Artificial Aubrey to make a sandwich.

stephen bear

However Big Brother called Aubrey to the diary room to discuss her actions, as it is revealed that she spat in the sandwich and drink that she prepared for Bear, which he then consumed.

Big Brother told Aubrey that she had knowingly passed her bodily fluids to another housemate without their knowledge.

Big Brother stated that her actions were wholly unacceptable and does not tolerate unacceptable behaviour in the house. Aubrey insisted it was a joke and apologised.

BB didn't kick Aubrey out but did issue her with a with a formal and final warning, saying that any further rule breaks would mean instant removal from the house.

Bear was informed privately about the incident - and given medical advice, apparently - and in a later Diary room chat with Big brother he stated: “She spat in my tea, big deal! I’ll probably put her up for nomination every single week. I’ve had worse in my mouth!”

In the bedroom, Bear went on to joke with Aubrey after she apologised for her 'bad prank': “If you want to kiss me that bad you can!”

On Twitter and as the episode aired, viewers were split.


While some LOVED Aubrey's revenge on Bear for his demands, others complained that Big Brother didn't go far enough.

Aubrey should be kicked out the house for that!!! There is NO WAY those actions can be justified!!" tweeted @rachcakexo.

@Jaaidd agreed: "Thats disgusting Aubrey should be kicked out. Straight away. No words #CBB"

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Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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