Did CBB's Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor PLAN their romance before the show?

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Celebrity Big Brother's Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor have been accused of 'planning' their showmance.

The pair got together within days inside the house and some have suggested it's all part of their game plan.

The reality duo apparently have the same agent and we know that they'd met up before the series begun.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper it was the "showmaance of the century".

"It's no coincidence that Marnie and Lewis got together - the two of them share the same agent and have been secretly plotting their weird romance for weeks," they accused.

And the source even claimed: "It may be confusing for viewers but they actually don't really like each other that much - in fact they can't really stand the sight of each other."

However, reps have hit back at the reports, saying they are "completely factually incorrect".

They said: "Marnie had not pre planned any kind of romance in the house with Lewis.

"They have met once before they were even with the same agent. They were not aware of each other going into the house and haven't planned any kind of relationship for screen time.

"These claims are completely factually incorrect".

Chatting to The Sun newspaper before CBB begun, Marnie spoke of meeting Lewis before but said that NOTHING ever happened between them.

"We’ve never even kissed or done anything," the brunette beauty insisted. “We cuddled once and it was a little bit awkward because we’d spent the whole night talking.

“You know, when you’re drunk and you’re on a love buzz and you’re talking to someone and you’re sort of friend zone – and we tried to cuddle after and it was really weird.

“But this will be different to the last time I met him.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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