Could Vicky Pattison join Celebrity Big Brother? Not any time soon...

Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison has ruled out appearing on Celebrity Big Brother or Strictly Come Dancing... unless there's a LOT of money on offer.

The reigning I'm A Celebrity Queen of the Jungle says she's got no plans on becoming another cast member of Geordie Shore to set foot inside the Big Brother house.

So far four of Vicky's co-stars from the MTV series have taken part, with two winning the whole thing.

But Vicky reckons that BB, as well as Strictly, are just not for her.

She told Now magazine this week: "Strictly Come Dancing is my idea of hell. I'm not a performer. Put me up the highest tree in the jungle and I'll zip line off it. Put me in with snakes, I'll swim a river.

"But put me in sequins and ask me to cha-cha and I'll cry. I'm not that way inclined. If you ever see me doing 'Strictly...' then you'll know they must have paid me a f***ing lot of money!"

And as for Celebrity Big Brother, Vicky suggested we'd see her involved in a Vanessa Feltz style meltdown if she were to ever be locked up in the house.

She said: "Big Brother's definitely not right for me either. I struggle in small spaces and having my freedom taken away is one of the big reasons I left Geordie Shore.

"I think Big Brother's just an extension of Geordie Shore, in an even more intense environment. That would totally just stifle me.

"I'd snap, lose the plot and end up writing on the wall in my own poo."

So that's a no, then?

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