Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Chloe Khan gets revenge on Heavy D and he is FUMING


Chloe Khan got her own back on Heavy D in the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 house yesterday.

For the latest shopping task, Renee, Marnie, Biggins, Samantha, James, Heavy D, Katie and Bear are humans while Aubrey, Frankie, Grant, Lewis, Saira, Chloe and Ricky are robots.

The two sides will be going head to head for the luxury shopping budget that only one side can win.

But as part of the challenge, the humans can boss the robots around and some of them are enjoying full use of the power.

Heavy D took great glee in forcing Chloe to clean his underwear.

"I'm getting my pants scrubbed, this is beautiful, am I evil? I'm evil aren't I?" he told the group. "I said, 'Scrub them clean, get those skid marks out'"

Chloe however retaliated, first by giving Heavy's shoes a 'drink' and then by pouring ketchup and mayo all over his bed.

"That's the worst accident I've ever seen," quipped Stephen after the mess was uncovered.

However Heavy fumed: "That's out of order, that's vandalism.

"Whoever it is, is f**ked. I've been waiting for this, I've been waiting for a bit of drama"

But while Heavy was raging, most of the group sided with Chloe.

Katie branded Heavy's actions "really f**king mean" and Lewis added: "He's gone from being this normal nice guy to being a massive a**ehole."

Watch all the latest drama and fallout on Celebrity Big Brother tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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