Celebrity Big Brother housemates kick off (again) as they go head to head for new task


The Celebrity Big Brother housemates are at WAR after being split up for new task.

For the latest shopping task, Renee, Marnie, Biggins, Samantha, James, Heavy D, Katie and Bear are humans while Aubrey, Frankie, Grant, Lewis, Saira, Chloe and Ricky are robots.

The two sides will be going head to head for the luxury shopping budget that only one side can win.

cbb aubrey

As part of the challenge, the humans can boss the robots around and some of them are enjoying full use of the power.

Heavy D and Bear have been making the robots do everything, to the upset of some other housemates on both sides of the divide.

But Bear wasn't sorry, saying: "I'm f**king playing the game, I want them to fail the task."

Bear added: "My mind set right now is it's a task, it's not personal. We want to win the task."

Heavy agreed: "It's a wasted opportunity to say 'get a me a cup of tea' and that's it, you're never going to get an opportunity to do this in your life.

"You're supposed to push them to the limit where they can't do the task. We want them to break because when they've got the luxury shopping and we've got s**t, you'll be like 'Why didn't we push them further?'"

Meanwhile, robot Katie branded Heavy's actions "really f**king mean"

Lewis added: "He's gone from being this normal nice guy to being a massive a**ehole."

Chloe took things a step further after being bossed around by Heavy, filling his shoes with bottled water before covering his bed in ketchup and mayo.

cbb heavy

But the plotting wasn't just one sided.

The robots have moved into the second house for the task which has been given a glamorous makeover.

Saira suggested: "I don't think we should tell them how good this place is. We want to win the food tonight."

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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