Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Marnie Simpson accused of leading Lewis Bloor on

cbb marnie

Marnie Simpson is accused of leading Lewis Bloor on in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2016 highlights.

In this evening's episode, Lewis and Marnie are seen getting closer as they kiss in bed.

He comments; “You have beautiful lips. You are a right sort!”

However Bear whispers to Renee about Lewis: “He likes Marnie a lot, she don’t care for him. He’s gone in too quick.”

Later, Bear talks to Big Brother in the diary room; “If I want to kiss Marnie I will.

"Lewis really likes Marnie, Marnie doesn’t really like him.”

Outside, in the smoking area, Bear makes the same comments and announces to Lewis about Marnie; “I could kiss her if I wanted to! I can do what I want!”

Lewis replies; “But I like Marnie…”

An awkward Marnie says about Bear; “None of youse know what he’s capable of, he’s ruthless!”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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