Big Brother's Georgina Leigh Cantwell and Jackson Blyton are already wedding planning

Big Brother 2016

They've only been out of the house for a week but things seem to be getting serious already for Big Brother love birds Georgina Leigh Cantwell and Jackson Blyton.

Or Jacksina, as people now seem to be calling them.

The pair have given interviews to the glossy weekly celeb magazines and Jackson has revealed he's already planning a proposal.

He told OK! Magazine (via The Sun) this week: “I’m the happiest man alive right now. This is what I wanted for so long.”

Jackson, who finished third in the final, explained: "In a year, if we are still together, we'll get engaged and I will give her the proposal she wants.

"It will happen at the Gran Floridian Hotel in Walt Disney World. I will give Georgina a Cartier ring on a Louis Vuitton show. That's what she wants."

With the pair wanting to get married on a beach on Barbados, Jackson added: "If she wanted the moon I would try my hardest to get her it."

Meanwhile, in an interview with Reveal magazine, Jackson revealed he has already had Georgina meet his mum.

"Obviously what was shown on TV made it look like Georgina was not being too nice to me... but I've assured my mum our relationship is a lot different to how it was portrayed on TV," he said. "I trust my mum's judgement and she trusts mine.

"I've told her Georgina is the girl I want to be with and she respects that. I know, in time, my mum will see the woman I see when I look at Georgina."

Based on past Big Brother romances, the odds of it lasting are stacked against them but we say best of luck to 'Jacksina' on the outside world...

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