Celebrity Big Brother's Grant Bovey, Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor in love triangle

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A Celebrity Big Brother 2016 love triangle between Grant Bovey, Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor is the last thing we saw coming.

Over the weekend, as the housemates settled in, Grant and Marnie appeared to strike up a bit of a friendly relationship and it didn't go unnoticed by Marnie.

In the diary room, she told Big Brother: “I think Grant fancies us! I think we’re flirting, he’s sexy, we have a strong bond!”

And although most of us - including the housemates, it seems - brushed it off as nothing more than friendly flirting, it turns out to have been more serious.

"Is there a sort of romance going on?" Grant asked Katie in last night's show after seeing Lewis with Marnie.

Grant looked devastated after being told the pair had kissed, reacting: "Oh you're kidding me, too little too late. I've blown it. I think she's a little young for me anyway..."

A shocked Katie reacted: "Oh hang on, was that really a thing?! Really?!"

While Grant tried to brush it off, Aubrey O'Day insisted: "There was a little thing, he thought she was cute, she thought he was cute."

"She's a really nice girl," Grant said, but added: "She's far too young."

"I saw you flirting!" Aubrey replied.

"That's why you had the late nights!" figured Katie.

"You're making me feel bad..." Grant told the girls.

"No, I love that, wear your heart on your sleeve," Katie said.

Aubrey advised: "You've got to be f**king aggressive because there's a whole line of tigers eyeing up that meat."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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