Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Saira Khan brands Stephen Bear a "d**k" in explosive row

saira bear

There was a HUGE and explosive row in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night after a nominations punishment was dished out.

"As you know it is against the rules for housemates to discuss nominations with one another, this includes discussing or hinting at who you might nominate in future or may have nominated previously," Big Brother told the group in the house yesterday.

"Yesterday this rule was broken several times by several housemates," Big Brother went on, "In a conversation between Biggins, James and Saira, also in a conversation between Bear and Renee, in another conversation between Aubrey, Frankie and Renee."

Big Brother dished out his favourite punishment of turning off the cold water and disabling the hair appliances.

It almost instantly kicked off between the two warring groups as Bear and Lewis went head to head with Biggins, Saira and James.

Saira branded Bear ridiculous after he lashed out and raged: "What the hell are you talking about, you're being such a d**k!"

Even Biggins got involved, saying Bear was being "stupid", prompting Lewis to hit back: "Don't sit there and call him stupid, you're the one that talked about nominations.

James Whale then tried to call a group meeting but Bear snapped: "Who are the f**k are you bruv? I'm going to do f**k all, I ain't going to sit down."

James later branded Bear "aggressive" and suggested to Lewis that he should have a word with his friend.

In the Diary Room afterwards, Lewis told Big Brother: "The one thing that's p***ed me off is when Biggins called Bear stupid, that's a personal attack, that's when I step in."

Meanwhile, Bear complained that the older housemates - Saira, Biggins and James - were not letting the younger ones "be themselves".

Watch all the drama and fallout in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother at 9PM on Channel 5.

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