Celebrity Big Brother's Biggins blasted for 'offensive' comments about bisexuals

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Celebrity Big Brother fans have been left "fuming" following "disgraceful" comments from Christopher Biggins over sexuality.

Biggins and Renee Renee Graziano have found themselves in hot water over comments they made in tonight's episode about bisexuals, claiming that it was 'nonsense' and they needed to 'pick a team'.

The outrageous remarks angered a LOT of people, with one viewer commenting: "If anyone made a negative comment about gay people, Biggins would be horrified."

Another added: "That was truly shocking. So sad to hear a Gay person put down somebody else's sexuality."

On Twitter ‏@MollBBUK wrote: "Bisexual erasure angers me! And it's a shame that it even occurs within the LGBTQ+ community! Disappointed with Biggins! #CBB"

@cocainezayn agreed: "So disappointed in biggins a GAY man and prominent member of the LGBT community erasing bisexuality like that what an idiot #BBUK"

It seemed as though the comments have turned many off Biggins, who has been the favourite to win in these early days.

@AbigailTorresXD posted online: "I was routing for Biggins until that stupid comment on bisexuality #cbbuk"

"I do not need to pick a team. I am comfortable in my bisexuality. I like men and women. All respect for Biggins and Renee's gone. Livid," @EmmSanders added.

@Gemfff said: "That bisexuality comment has really infuriated me! And from Biggins of all people. Never would have thought it... #CBBUK #CBB"

And former CBB housemate Michelle Visage ‏@CBBMichelle blasted: "Never heard so much nonsense, you don't have to pick a team. #CBB"

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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