Celebrity Big Brother 2016 nominations! Who nominated who?

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The first Celebrity Big Brother 2016 nominations have taken place and here's a look at who nominated who.

Yesterday the group were called one at a time to the Diary Room to cast their votes, although four were immune from being voted for.

Back on launch night, Biggins was voted for by the public to become the secret boss. He was told that he would be in full control of nominations however the whole thing was in fact a double twist.

The other housemates knew his 'secret' mission and in fact the people he nominates will be immune. Therefore, the other housemates had to do their best to get nominated.

Biggins nominated Saira, Lewis and Heavy D which meant in fact all three, together with Biggins himself, were immune from nominations.

Here's how all of the votes went down...

Celebrity Big Brother nominations: Who nominated who?

Frankie nominated Grant: “He likes to be more isolated…I would feel more comfortable if we were a more cohesive unit” and James.

Chloe nominated Katie and James

Lewis nominated Ricky: “I don’t feel that he’s bringing much to the house” and James.

Sam nominated Bear: "Call me old fashioned but a lot of the things he says when he talks about girls and sex it shocks me a bit” and Marnie.

Grant nominated James: "If you don’t care when you go home come in the first place...If you don’t care you don’t deserve to be here” and Renee.

Biggins nominated Marnie: "Yesterday we experienced Saira Gate…Marnie came over and lifted her vest and threw her tits in her face, didn’t think that was not good, even thought it was a game it wasn’t a nice things to do” and Grant

Marnie nominated James: "The whole incident with Saira…he kinds of snapped at us…I just wanted to break the ice and him snapping turned it around into something negative” and Frankie.

James nominated Bear: "He’s understanding of life it not the same as mine” and Grant

Heavy D nominated James and Renee: "I haven’t had time to connect with her properly”

Saira nominated Bear: "I feel that he sees me a threat” and Grant

Katie nominated Grant: "Over the past few days he’s sort of kept himself to himself” and James

Renee nominated James and Grant

Ricky nominated Grant and James

Aubrey nominated Grant and James

Bear nominated James and Ricky: "He sits on the fence hasn’t got an opinion on anything”

Therefore with the most nominations, James and Grant were put up for eviction with the most votes each, receiving 11 and 8 votes respectively.

Bear received 3 votes, Marnie, Renee and Ricky had 2 votes while Katie and Frankie each received 1 vote.

Everyone else received no nominations.

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 continues nightly on Channel 5 with the next live eviction this Friday evening with host Emma Willis.

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