Celebrity Big Brother 2016 nominations spoilers! Housemates vote for the first time

Heavy D in diary room

The Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemates have nominated for the very first time this series.

Today the group were called one at a time to the Diary Room to cast their votes, although four were immune from being voted for.

Back on launch night, Biggins was voted for by the public to become the secret boss. He was told that he would be in full control of nominations however the whole thing was in fact a double twist.

The other housemates knew his 'secret' mission and in fact the people he nominates will be immune. Therefore, the other housemates had to do their best to get nominated.

Biggins nominated Saira, Lewis and Heavy D which meant in fact all three, together with Biggins himself, were immune from nominations today.

When it came to who nominated who, here's a few teasers of what some of the housemates had to say to Big Brother in the Diary Room:

Lewis: "I think his ego is too big for the house."
Biggins: "I don't think I have much in common with him."
Renee: "I think he just seems a little more uptight then everyone else."
Grant: "He doesn't seem to have the desire to want to say."
Samantha: "Call me old fashioned but a lot of what he says shocks me."

Chloe: "His emotion, whether he's happy, sad, or angry, it's the same face."
heavy D: "I think he'll put people against each other... he can't be trusted."
Saira: "I feel I don't get along with him and the feeling is mutual."
James: "I'm not sure he knows what he's in here for."
Bear: "He's bringing the mood down, he's boring me to tears."

Finally, Marnie complained: "Why did Saira have to be immune?"

The nomination results will be revealed in Monday night's highlights show as the first housemates are put up for eviction.

Who do you hope is up for for the axe? Tell us in the comments below!

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 with the first live eviction on Friday.

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