Celebrity Big Brother 2016 fans SLAM Marnie Simpson and say she should be EJECTED

bbuk BOOBS

Marnie Simpson has found herself being slammed by Celebrity Big Brother viewers after tonight's show.

It was all kicking off on this evening's highlights with a major row first between Saira and Bear, Lewis and Heavy.

She later went on to lock horns with Marnie before sobbing in the Diary Room.

Later in the smoking area, some of the housemates were playing truth or dare and Marnie was dared to go over to Saira to apologise.. and show her boobs

Marnie did the dare, beginning to apologise to Saira before asking Saira if she was jealous of her boobs, pulling down her top.

In the house, Marnie's actions left James fuming although Saira insisted she was fine despite clearly being upset.

Online and everyone had a lot to say, from Marnie's biggest fans in her Geordie Shore co-stars to former BBUK housemates...


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