Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Marnie Simpson gets her boobs out and it all kicks off

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A game of truth or dare saw Marnie Simpson get her breasts out in the Big Brother 2016 house last night.

But the night ended in (metaphorical) tears after her actions caused a number of rows.

As part of the game of truth or dare, Marnie went up to Saira Kahn and whipped down her top to boast she had "better boobs than you."

In the bedroom, James Whale was left fuming over the late night antics.

"I cant watch that sort of behaviour," he declared.

"It'll get worse," predicted Grant Bovey. "But I know where I am, I don't dislike Marnie, I actually like her, but that's part of her character, have you seen her show?"

Unsurprisingly, James had not but said that it didn't matter.

He complained: "Nobody's going to behave like that around me, I don't care what people behave like but they just stay away from me, it's simple."

And he warned: "They can't wind me up, they won't try if they're sensible.

"That was unacceptable to somebody like Saira."

Meanwhile, Saira and Marnie clashed over claims that Saira was trying to "mother" the Geordie Shore star.

"I get mixed signals from you, I don't know what you think of us," Marnie told Saira. "I'm not used to someone like you, you're very opinionated."

But Saira insisted she wasn't opinionated and that her comments to Marnie reminding her of the cameras were just looking out for her best interests.

The fun, games and fall out will all air on tonight's latest Celebrity Big Brother 2016 highlights from 9PM on Channel 5.

For now, you can watch a clip below...

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