Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemates' secrets exposed in a new task

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

The Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemates had their secrets exposed to the house in a new task yesterday.

The group were taken to the second house for the first time this series, which seems to have now been demoted to a place where people just get gunged.

The task was called Game of Phones and saw the housemates sat on benches before Big Brother read out facts about one housemate at a time.

Big Brother then asked three housemates to stand next to three glass 'BB Telephone' boxes, explaining that the fact was about one of the three housemates.

The rest of the group then had to decide who the fact was about and stand in the phonebox corresponding to that person.

The phone in the correct phone box would ring to reveal the answer.

If housemates were standing in the right phone box, they'd walk out happy but if not they'd find themselves getting covered in gunge.

Questions asked included:

Which housemate betrayed their friend by sleeping with their cousin?

Which housemate froze their dog’s sperm?

Which housemate once posed naked with an octopus on their bum?

Which housemate received an award for the most influential women, presented by Mother Teresa?

Which housemate claims to have been contacted by the Illuminati?

Which housemate's marriage lasted just two months?

The answers an explanations will be revealed in tonight's highlights show at 9PM on Channel 5.

For now, you can watch the gunging below...

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