Celebrity Big Brother! Are Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor faking a showmance?

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Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor are already setting up a CBB showmance, but is it all planned?

In last night's highlights we saw Marnie admit to finding Lewis "handsome" while in the house yesterday, he made a move on her.

"I think she's a nice girl and I think she's fit," he told Samantha before hunting down Marnie to work his charms on her.

However Marnie's ex, and Lewis' fellow TOWIE star, Ricky Rayment has suggested that the pair have already hooked up on the outside.

"I wouldn't be surprised if [Marnie and Lewis hook up]," he told the newspaper about the pair appearing on CBB together. "I'm sure they've had a fling before."

While Ricky said he "won't be watching", he added: "Good luck to them, I'm seeing someone else now so I'm happy. Let's hope things go well, it's early days."

It's no secret that Lewis and Marnie knew one another before the show but she told The Sun newspaper that NOTHING has ever happened between them.

"We’ve never even kissed or done anything," the brunette beauty insisted. “We cuddled once and it was a little bit awkward because we’d spent the whole night talking.

“You know, when you’re drunk and you’re on a love buzz and you’re talking to someone and you’re sort of friend zone – and we tried to cuddle after and it was really weird.

“But this will be different to the last time I met him.”

As for the pair's current relationship in the house, watch this space...

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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