Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Stephen Bear takes aim at "snide" Ricky Norwood

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

There's a Celebrity Big Brother rivalry brewing it seems with Stephen Bear taking aim at "snide" Ricky Norwood.

Ex On The Beach's Bear got bitchy in the Diary Room yesterday, in scenes set to air in tonight's show at 9PM on Channel 5.

Talking to Big Brother, Bear says: “I’m good at small talk, it’s the nicey nicey. Fatboy I think is a snide, too nice for me. "

He went on to comment on the rest of his fellow housemates: "Biggins makes me laugh! Chloe, ol’ big tits, seems like a nice girl. I don’t think James likes me. I think Grant’s alright…not my friend yet.”

Elsewhere on this evening's episode TOWIE's Lewis Bloor is left annoyed at Biggins after being branded the 'least talented housemate' alongside Bear.

"Both of them are lovely guys, I have no idea what they do!” says Biggins after being asked to label housemates as part of a new task.

But Lewis snaps: “I think he’s judged too quick! Seen us as the young two lads, they’ll handle it. James is the least talented.”

Later on, in the diary room, Biggins is tasked with nominating his next housemate by spilling a whole drink over the housemate of his choice. His housemates are watching on from the sofas

Biggins pours himself a glass of water, and then pours it over Lewis; “I’m so sorry!” Housemates laugh. This means Lewis - along with Biggins and Saira - are now immune from Friday’s eviction.

Renee tells Marnie; “Lewis knew it! He acts like a d**k. He’s over confident, ‘I’m sexy, I’m me!’”

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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