Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Heavy D makes a move on Chloe Khan

chloe and heavy d aka colin

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Colin Newell has made a move on Chloe Khan in the house.

Colin aka Heavy D off of Storage Hunters on Dave admitted he wasn't going to waste his time after setting his sights on the X Factor reject turned model.

After chatting with "funny" Chloe and telling her he wanted to get to know her further, Heavy D spoke to Lewis Bloor in the pool.

"I'm just putting the feelers out," he explained. "You're not interested?"

"I think she's lovely but no, I'm not interested in Chloe," Lewis replied.

Heavy D then revealed: "I could take my time... if there wasn't a shark about but there is one about so I can't take my time, so I got to get in there quick."

We're not sure EXACTLY what that means, but Heavy stuck to his promise to work quickly as he immediately began to flirt with Chloe and caress her arm by the side of the pool.

Although she seemed more interested in mounting Lewis as he and Stephen Bear formed a pantomime horse as part of a new task.

ride that horse

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