Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Do we have our first romance?

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

The ladies of the Celebrity Big Brother house have been eyeing up the guys and we could have our first potential summer romance.

Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson confessed to Chloe Khan that she has taking a liking to fellow MTV reality star Stephen Bear, although there was one quite big catch: His ex Vicky Pattison.

"I can proper get into a good conversation with Bear," Marnie confided in the girls last night. "I'm surprised I get on with him, I think he's really funny."

However she seemed to rule out any immediate getting together because of her 'rival' Vicky.

"I could never ever go near Bear because he was going out with my worst enemy so I couldn't go there with him," she claimed.

But what about the other guys in the house?

"Lewis is really handsome," Marnie added, and Chloe agreed: "He's not my type but I really like him."

Despite the comments, Marnie went on to insist she didn't want to start a relationship in the house.

"I'm not even bothered about getting involved with someone, that's not why I came in," she explained. "And getting involved in someone always seems to bring out the worst in me so I best not."

Of course, give it a couple of weeks and it could be a different story...

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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