Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemates are already plotting and game playing

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

There's already game playing and plotting going on in Celebrity Big Brother 2016.

The new series launched last night and within minutes Big Brother surprised the group with a twist.

Biggins was voted by the public to become the Secret Boss. What he doesn’t know is that Housemates are aware he is the boss and must try to get nominated by him, as being nominated will mean they will win immunity from the first eviction

In tonight's highlights, we see what happened next as Frankie Grande and Saira Khan went to work playing the game.

In attempt to get nominated by the Secret Boss, Saira reveals to Biggins that she doesn’t think she can ‘last in the house’ and is ‘missing her kids’

Meanwhile, in the diary room, Frankie is talking to Big Brother about the task; “I’m plotting, scheming and strategising!”

And the pair aren't alone as in the smoking area, Lewis Bloor reveals that ‘he will play the game’

After she is nominated by Biggins, Saira tells some of her housemates that she is playing the game, prompting Heavy D aka Colin from the market to tell her she has ‘been genius’

In the garden, Samantha concludes; “We are playing an adult game!”

However, unaware of what's going on, in the diary room, Biggins reveals it’s ‘not easy’ being the Secret Boss

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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