Celebrity Big Brother 2016 spoilers: Day 1 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Celebrity Big Brother has launched! The most famous house in Britain is back and has undergone a costume change

15 celebrities make their debut: Christopher Biggins, Saira Khan, Frankie Grande, Ricky Norwood, Renee Graziano, Marnie Simpson, James Whale, Aubrey O’Day, Stephen Bear, Katie Waissel, Lewis Bloor, Grant Bovey, Chloe Khan, Heavy D and Samantha Fox

Biggins has been voted by the public to become the Secret Boss. What he doesn’t know is that Housemates are aware he is the boss and must try to get nominated by him, as being nominated will mean they will win immunity from the first eviction

Marnie tells Grant, “You’re sexy for 55!” He replies that he’s ‘so chuffed’

Ricky advises Bear to embrace this experience, and that he won’t judge anyone

Renee, Aubrey and James are talking about gun culture in America

Chloe reveals to some of her housemates that she hasn’t watched The X Factor since she was on it, Lewis tells her she has ‘come a long way’

Housemates decide where they are sleeping, Lewis and Frankie share a bed so Saira can have her own bed

In the bedroom, James and Biggins think they should host ‘Loose Men’

In the smoking area, Marnie tells Lewis that she thinks his beauty spot on his nose is ‘very cute’ and that he makes her laugh

In the bedroom, James reveals to Saira- as tries to ‘wind her up’ - that he has a strange sense of humour

In the diary room, Biggins is tasked with making a nomination and asked to identify his nomination by giving a housemate a kiss on the lips. Housemates are let into the secret
As part of his secret task to nominate a housemate, Biggins gives Saira a kiss on the lips

Big Brother announces to the house that the Secret Boss has nominated Saira

In the smoking area, Bear and Renee are still awake. She tells him; “To learn about people is excellent.” He replies; “Opinions on people will change and I’ll be telling people to f**k off!” She agrees

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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