Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Christopher Biggins casts his first (fake) nomination

cbb biggins

Christopher Biggins has cast his first (fake) nomination in this week's Celebrity Big Brother 2016 launch twist.

Yesterday evening saw the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 line up revealed with 15 housemates entering the house but what is a BB launch show without a twist?

Big Brother explained that one housemate would become the 'Secret Boss', would be immune from eviction and be in full control of nominations, however their identity would be kept a secret.

Biggins was voted the boss by the public however there was in fact a twist.

The other housemates are completely aware of his appointment and have been told they will actually need to get nominated by him in order to win immunity.

Over the next couple of days the housemates will have to get themselves put up for eviction in order to, well, avoid eviction.

Things started last night when Biggins was called to the Diary Room and told he had to cast his first nomination.

"During the next 30 minutes you must get to know your fellow housemates," Big Brother told the panto star. "Use this time wisely, as when it's over you will be making your first nomination."

Big Brother then revealed: "You must place a big, fat, sloppy kiss on the person you choose, a Judas kiss. You should also tell them that you hope to be as famous as them one day.

"Make your kiss and comments seem natural so the housemate you have nominated thinks its part of your conversation."

Unknown to Biggins, the rest of the housemates were watching on as he spoke to Big Brother and know EXACTLY what's going on.

And that made things all the more awkward has he kissed Saira Khan, knowing that Biggins wanted her out.

Of course, it also means she's safe from the first eiction so we doubt the Loose Women cares that much.

Watch more in the first Celebrity Big Brother 2016 highlights tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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