Celebrity Big Brother race row ALREADY as Saira Khan and James Whale clash

bbuk race row

Two Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemates have been embroiled in a race row just HOURS into the new series.

Yesterday evening saw the new Celebrity Big Brother cast revealed with 15 housemates entering the house.

And it took all of a few minutes before clashes began to happen.

Saira Khan and James Whale went head to head with James claiming that Saira had branded him racist.

"I did not say that, I did not think that," she insisted. "Don't twist my words."

James claimed: "I'm winding you up"

But Saira fumed: "Don't wind me up, that's not winding up, some people take that seriously, don't say that."

James backtracked: "I understand that and I shouldn't have said that, I do have a strange sense of humour, we're friends. "

Saira then told him: "If you are I just wanted to say to you, are we going to get on because I will stay out of your way.

"I don't think you are, if you are it's absolutely fine, I can't change you.

"The thing is, can you understand from my point of view that if I thought you were, I'd just like to say, 'Look, are we going to have a problem? I can stay out of your way, it's not an issue'"

James replied: "If I was I'd be very angry with myself, because first of all... oh it's too complicated.

"Whatever anybody says about me, I'm not racist, not homophobic, I'm kind of anti-religious."

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5 with the first highlights at 9PM tonight.

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