Big Brother's Jayne Connery FINALLY reveals what went on with Chelsea Singh... sort of

Big Brother 2016

We now almost know what happened between Jayne Connery and Chelsea Singh following tonight's final.

We knew the pair of housemates had some sort of history together when they first entered, and it was clear the pair didn't part ways on amicable terms.

Chelsea and Jayne clashed repeatedly in the house but precisely what had gone on between them on the outside was never clear.

During the show, Jayne accused, “He was the one after me, I told him I didn’t want a relationship as he was with someone, I have proof of that. He told me he didn’t have a partner, it was never a romantic thing, he wanted it and I said no, he’s not my type. I wanted him as a friend.”

However we also saw Chelsea allege that Jayne wanted to do a kiss and tell on him after finding that he was 'worth a few quid'.

After tonight's final, Jayne revealed more details to Rylan Clark-Neal but was still coy with some details.

"There was a bit of snog, only a little one," Jayne said of the pair's relationship before the house. "We were friends, I've known him four months, he's a really cool guy, he is Chelsea Singh.

"We were friends... very good friends, we'd go out for dinner, drinks, and I'd really like to stay friends so let's hope we can."

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