Big Brother's Laura Carter and Georgina Leigh Cantwell clash on Twitter

Big Brother 2016

They may both be out of the house but drama between Big Brother's Laura Carter and Georgina Leigh Cantwell is continuing.

The pair clashed on Twitter yesterday after Laura's exit from the house in Friday night's latest live show.

Laura tweeted cryptically: "Amazing what you hear when you come out the #bb house. No comment on a particular bitchy housemate. Eurg. True colours? Hhmm"

Georgina took the message as a slight against her, saying: "Ah well that's obviously you targeting me. Laura you haven't seen the edit for 3 weeks and what it's been made out to be."

The pair bickered over Georgina's comments to Evelyn about Alex in the task over the weekend, with Laura hitting out: "I was in there with them [Evelyn and Alex] & I saw how hey were together. Which is why it's such a shame that she now thinks she's a mug.

"She's not a mug, she's just a girl who really liked someone and wore her heart on her sleeve."

However things quickly moved on, as Georgina told Laura: "I did hear all your bitching about Jackson behind his back too. Let's not forget that 😁 see u Tues. No hard feelings!"

Laura responded: "I know who I am and I'm definitely not a bitch. I think you know that too. No hard feelings."

She added: "Me & Jacko have made up, we're more than cool now. Thanks for the fake tan btw!"

Laura and Georgina will join the rest of the evicted housemates back at the house tonight for the live final from 9PM on Channel 5 as the winner is crowned.

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