Big Brother 2016: Andy West in tears as the final approaches

Big Brother 2016

Andy West is in tears on tonight's Big Brother but Jayne Connery comes to the rescue.

At the top of this evening's highlights show at 9PM on Channel 5, Hughie and Jayne are seen discussing the Award Shows from the previous night that saw Hughie clash with Andy.

Hughie tells Jayne that Andy’s Diary Room rant shocked him more that Jayne’s did which is why he voted for it.

Jayne says: “The thing is Hughie, Andy has a lot of love for you… things just get him down, try and make friends (with him).”

Hughie replies: “I want to be friends with Andy but that’s what’s disappointing…we’ve been moving on from what happened in the Pod…I felt disappointed that he’s gone in there (the Diary Room) and done that.”

Later on, Andy is branded "patronising" in a task as he clashes with former housemate Lateysha Grace.

Lateysha says: “…just cos you’re a bit more intelligent than a lot of the people in here, you think you’re superior to everyone.”

Andy replies: “You will always be a subjective viewer.”

Lateysha responds: “I don’t even know what that means.”

Andy comments: “Well there’s a surprise! There, I’m being patronising, you have the vocabulary of an acorn.”

A short while later, Jayne consoles an upset Andy and tells him to get some “perspective.”

Jayne tells him: “You’ve had your fiancée in here telling you you’re doing great, you’ve been saved every f**king time, you have no reason to feel the way you do.”

Big Brother airs at 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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