Big Brother 2016: Jason Burril wants to leave *AGAIN* as Charlie Doherty comes back

Big Brother 2016

Jason Burril demands to leave the Big Brother 2016 house again tonight when Ryan Ruckledge and Charlie Doherty return.

In this evening's highlights, Big Brother puts Housemates on trial. Housemates are split into two teams and each Housemate has been accused of a crime.

Each of the accused Housemates will take to the stand and a member of the opposing team will act as the Prosecuting Housemate. During the Trial, Big Brother will call a surprise witness to the stand to give testimony.

Jason is put in the dock and accused of being a ‘Game Player.’ Ex Housemate Ryan is called in as an Expert Witness.

Ryan takes aim: "You’ve got rid of your biggest competition, worked out that playing Mister Nice Guy will get you through to the final…

"You nominated Charlie yet she never nominated you, you’re a definition of a game player."

However due to a lack of evidence and a ‘non-united front’ from the prosecuting housemates, Big Brother finds Jason ‘Not Guilty.’

Later on, Jason finds himself confronted with Charlie Doherty.

She snaps: “You nominated me and you bare faced lied to me when I had that conversation with you Chelsea and I in the kitchen… I’ve seen it Jason!”

Despite that, and winning the task itself, Jason goes to the Diary Room straight after court is over.

He tells Big Brother: “I want out, get me out."

And Jason warns: "I’m gonna break down, I’m gonna snap and I’m gonna snap the wrong way.”

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM.

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