Big Brother 2016: Lateysha Grace is BACK with harsh words for Andy West

Big Brother 2016

Lateysha Grace returns to the Big Brother house tonight and has Andy West firmly in her sights.

In this evening's show a number of familiar faces are back as Big Brother puts the current Housemates on trial in a new task.

Housemates are split into two teams and each Housemate has been accused of a crime. Legal Team A is Evelyn, Jason, Alex and Andy and Legal Team B is Jackson, Jayne, Hughie and Sam.

Each of the accused Housemates will take to the stand and a member of the opposing team will act as the Prosecuting Housemate. During each of the trials, Big Brother will call a surprise witness to the stand to give testimony.

Andy is the first Housemate to be called to the stand and is accused of ‘Being Patronising.’ Andy pleads not guilty. Ex Housemate Latesysha is called as an Expert Witness.

Lateysha says: “…just cos you’re a bit more intelligent than a lot of the people in here, you think you’re superior to everyone.”

Andy replies: “You will always be a subjective viewer.”

Lateysha responds: “I don’t even know what that means.”

Andy comments: “Well there’s a surprise! There, I’m being patronising, you have the vocabulary of an acorn.”

After Lateysha's evidence, and comments from the current housemates both defending and prosecuting, Andy is found ‘Guilty.’

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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