Big Brother 2016: Laura Carter complains 'It's always woman who get the flak'

Big Brother 2016

Evicted Big Brother 2016 housemate Laura Carter has hit out at the treatment of men v women following her exit from the show last night.

In an interview with media following her eviction yesterday, Laura complained: "It's always woman who get the flak".

She was speaking about the boos she received after hooking up with Marco Pierre White Jr in the house back during the first week.

"I was a single girl. I went into that house as a single girl," she explained. "He was the one that was in - can I repeat - an open relationship," she told press.

Laura continued: "Not just a normal relationship. He was in an open relationship, and he told me and the rest of the nation that he was in this open relationship, so I believed him.

"The fact that inside the house he didn't get flak for it really did annoy me because it's always the woman who gets it."

She went on: "I really do think that's really wrong. I'm the one it's going to stay with now. I'm the one who's got to explain it.

"I think that things like this have to happen for the issues to be raised, and I'll be very, very happy to talk about it."

On the topic of her antics with Marco way back in first few days, Laura told BBUK host Emma Willis last night she was "absolutely mortified": "I can't believe it happened, I regretted it right away."

"It's the worst thing I've ever done," Laura concluded.

Big Brother 2016 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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