Big Brother's Laura Carter slams Alex Cannon and Sam Giffen for 'sailing through to the final'

Big Brother 2016

Evicted Big Brother 2016 housemate Laura Carter has taken aim at some housemates for sailing through to the final.

Laura had faced the final eviction of the series this week against Jason Burrill, Jackson Blyton and Andy West, missing out on Tuesday's final by just days.

After leaving to big but not unexpected boos, Laura told Emma Willis this evening: "It's so strange to see other people. Obviously I wanted to be in the final, but this is the girl who was being booed in the beginning, I was the first one up for nomination... I've lasted this long!"

Laura said the boos were "frightening" and told those that booed her: "You try going in that house for seven weeks!"

On not being saved from eviction by Sam during the week's twist, Laura said: "I thought he would have saved me over Jayne, I thought he was closer to me than Jayne. It's been hard for me, I did say I forgave him then I told him he wasn't as loyal as I thought."

Laura went on to complain about other housemates sailing through, saying: "People like Alex who haven't necessarily had massive arguments, and like Sam, who when we have task says 'I can't do that' before we've even tried it... I feel he's had a very easy ride in there."

On the topic of her antics with Marco Pierre White Jr way back in week one, Laura said she was "absolutely mortified": "I can't believe it happened, I regretted it right away."

"It's the worst thing I've ever done," Laura concluded, "My friends said to me, 'Whatever you do, don't have ahem on TV'..."

Laura went on to back Evelyn or Hughie to win.

Big Brother 2016 continues nightly on Channel 5 with the live final on Tuesday night.

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