Big Brother housemates play Human Hungry Hungry Hippos in new task


The Big Brother 2016 housemates took part in a game of Human Hungry Hungry Hippos yesterday.

Housemates were told they had to split into teams of three and get dressed in protective gear ahead of the eviction.

Laura wasn't up for the task, moaning: "I do not want to do this. What's the point in doing the task today?

"Obviously I want to look nice tonight, they're going to drag me through fish guts, there's nothing I can win."

bbuk task 2

She added: "If you try your best and it's a party tomorrow and I might not be here, it's a kick in the teeth."

However Laura eventually took part, joining Hughie and Alex on a team.

Hughie quipped: "Put Jackson on the same team as Jayne in case he tries to kill her again."

Moving to the garden, housemates found a gunge covered playing area filled with balloons.

bbuk gunge 2

One team member had to be the 'hippo', laying on the floor with a basket while the other team members had to move them towards the balloons with their legs.

The Hippo housemates had to try and take as many balloons as possible by dragging them back to their team mates with the basket.

bbuk gunge task

Evelyn, Jason and Sam won the task and got to enjoy a picnic in the garden.

Poor Laura ended up with nothing other than an eviction.

Big Brother 2016 continues nightly on Channel 5 with the live final on Tuesday night.

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