Big Brother 2016 housemates PUNISHED for failing to wake up

Big Brother 2016

The Big Brother 2016 housemates have been punished for refusing to wake up.

One thing's for sure, it certainly wouldn't have happened on Georgina's watch...

After some housemates failed to rise this morning, Big Brother cut off the electrical appliances an hot water.

Jayne demanded answers in the bedroom. "Who's got up and who hasn't got up? They want you out of bed, there's no reasons on God's earth that you're still in bed when they said the electrics would be turned off if you don't get out of bed."

"They've just turned off the electrics," Jayne revealed.

"They've turned the hot water off," added Jackson.

He later complained in the smoking area: "People need to start being a lot more considerate.

"I understand there's people who aren't up for eviction and it's easy for them but there's a lot of people that are [up for eviction] and that needs to be known."

Meanwhile, in the living area, Evelyn was nodding off again before Hughie threatened to throw a bucket of cold water over her.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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