Big Brother 2016: Sam Giffen angry with Laura Carter following a new task

Big Brother 2016

Sam Giffen has been left fuming at Laura Carter following a new task in the Big Brother 2016 house.

Once again it was a task that was sure to cause trouble as Big Brother asked the group to expose their fellow housemates' sins by airing any grievances they had with one another.

Big Brother told the group that their comments would be kept anonymous, as each wrote down their problems with one another on a piece of paper before placing it inside the 'sin bin'.

Day 42 Laura.

Big Brother then read out the comments each housemate received and those who wrote them had the opportunity to confess and explain if they wanted to do so.

While a lot of the 'sins' were playful, such as Alex being accused of 'looking too good' or Jayne being told she 'needs her roots doing', some were more personal.

Sam was told he was "not loyal", which Laura confessed to writing after he didn't save her from eviction during the week's twist.

"That was me, because you know I was disappointed, it's just, I wouldn't have done it to you. You're not as loyal as I thought you were," Laura said.

Sam wasn't pleased with Laura's comments, and ranted to Evelyn: "She knows I regret my decision and If I had my decision again I'd have saved her. How that makes me disloyal I'll never know because I've told her that I didn't have a lot of time to think and I was under pressure.

"I've told her so many times I regret it and she still said it.

"For her to say that comment to know it's going to be read in front of everyone and outside, knowing that people are going to hear that, instead of coming over to me personally, I feel you're not as loyal as I thought, that upsets me."

Day 43 Sam.

He added: "I feel she should have the balls to come over an say that to me. Just give me a f**king break, I feel awful as it is."

Evelyn replied: "If it was anyone else she'd have taken it on the chin but it was you and she loves you so much."

Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5 as Laura, Andy, Jason and Jackson face eviction.

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