Big Brother 2016: Hughie Maughan rages for secret task but has he gone too far?

Big Brother 2016

Hughie Maughan caused chaos in the Big Brother 2016 house tonight as part of a secret task.

Hughie was called to the Diary Room and set a mission to act 'crazy' in task called '50 Shades of Cray'.

He left and immediately set up a clash with Jayne Connery as the pair began shouting at one another over the mess in the house.

A 'fuming' Hughie then trashed the kitchen, including pouring drink everywhere, shouting at Jayne: "Clean this up why don't you!"

Jason eventually had enough of the shenanigans and told Hughie to go to the Diary Room, as the other housemates looked on with nervous laughter.

But Hughie continued, angering Andy as he moved to the bathroom to cause carnage by throwing people's possessions everywhere.

A toothbrush on the dirty floor was too much for Andy who demanded Hughie to apologise, but he replied: "I don't give a f**k!"

"Why would you do that?" Andy questioned.

"I'm in a bad mood!" snapped Hughie, who then went to try and break down the Diary Room door.

With that not working, he made an escape through the main door at the top of the stairs while accusing Jayne of being a "trouble riser."

Unknown to Hughie however, Jayne had been given the exact same task to also act 'crazy'.

She had been called to the Diary Room earlier and told by Big Brother to act up in order to win a prize for the house.

While neither was aware that the other was on the same secret task as themselves, Hughie and Jayne ended up working together to play up to their 'crazy' roles.

And as a result of all the carnage they caused? Big Brother rewarded the group with ice cream.

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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