Big Brother 2016: Why was Sam Giffen booed? Andy West blames Lateysha Grace...

Big Brother 2016

Andy West and Sam Giffen discussed 'toxic relationships' in the Big Brother 2016 house yesterday.

It was as Sam wondered why he was booed by the live crowd during last Friday's live show, where he had also finished in the bottom three.

While we personally reckon it was because Sam has added absolutely nothing to the house this year other than Jackson's questionable hair cut, Andy had other ideas.

"I think there's a possibility that that group of friends that were here two or three weeks ago might have been seen as a bit of toxic, I think, possibly," he said, as the pair discussed evicted housemates Lateysha Grace and Ryan Ruckledge.

"Other people were ostracised from it and I saw that happening," Andy claimed.

Sam insisted: "I made a conscious effort not to be just seen as stuck to one group of people."

He went on: "I think you do get sucked in my other people's drama and opinions... [but] there were times I did feel patronised by you."

Elsewhere yesterday, Andy revealed to Sam that he was ‘feeling down’ about Sam’s decision to nominate him for eviction in the latest twist.

“I understand how hard the decision was for you but it did hurt my feelings. I don’t feel like it’s fair," Andy said.

Sam told him: “I promise you now I feel like I’ve made the wrong decision. I wish I had more time and I would have thought about it properly.”

Big Brother airs at 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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