Big Brother 2016: Jayne Connery taken to hospital after task goes VERY wrong

Big Brother 2016

Jayne Connery leaves the Big Brother 2016 house for hospital in tonight's show after a task goes wrong.

In this evening's show, Big Brother provides the housemates with pads and helmets, and divides them into three teams for a new challenge.

Housemates are tasked with building a bridge to go over the pool, which will need to support one team member.


The Green team are up first. Evelyn must try and stand and keep her balance on her team’s bridge for 90 seconds, whilst wet sponges and water balloons are being thrown by the other two teams. She succeeds

The Red team are up next, and it’s Laura’s turn to stand on her team’s bridge. She succeeds

Finally, it’s the Blue team’s turn. Jayne is the housemate to stand on her team’s bridge, she states: “My legs are like jelly!”

As part of the task, housemates attempt to knock Jayne off her bridge by throwing water balloons and wet sponges at her. Jackson throws a wet sponge that hits her, which makes her lose her balance and fall off the bridge, into the pool.

Housemates help Jayne out of the water after the fall and a medic is called to attend to her. As a precaution, Jayne is led out of the house and taken to hospital.

Jackson feels guilty as the shocked housemates reassure him that is was an accident.

Big Brother then explains to the housemates that Jayne is fine and receiving expert medical attention off-site, housemates are pleased to hear this news.

Jackson is called to the diary room where Big Brother reassures him that Jayne is alright. Whilst Jackson is in the diary room, some of the housemates decide to play a prank on him by placing a Jayne 'doll' (a sponge wearing a wig) in his bed.


A little later, Jayne is in the diary room, and confirms to Big Brother that she ‘is feeling good’.

She returns to the house where housemates are pleased to see her, while Jackson apologises and the pair hug

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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