Big Brother 2016: Andy West confronts Sam Giffen over nominations twist

Big Brother 2016

Andy West has had a heart to heart with Sam Giffen following this week's Big Brother nominations twist.

In a new task, Sam was given the power of 'Save and Replace' and was told he had to pick one of the four nominated housemates to SAVE from eviction and then pick another housemate to go up for the public vote in their place.

Saving Jayne, Sam said: "I feel like I can't save people I've nominated, sorry Jason and Laura, and I feel Jackson is going to be safe."

Sam then chose to nominate Andy for eviction in Jayne's place: "You had the advantage of immunity [in annihilation] week, I feel it's only fair."

Andy yesterday confronted Sam over the move: "I've never bitched about you, I've never said nasty things about you, I've never made you feel bad. I've never said anything bad to your face.

"And there were periods in this house where you helped to make me miserable in this house, weather on purpose or not.

"I understand how hard that decision was for you yesterday but I felt I needed to say it did hurt my feelings."

Sam responded: "I am not good in those situations whatsoever, my brain goes blank and I can't think straight.

"I promise you now since that's happened, this morning, I feel I've made the wrong decision and I can tell you that now."

However what's been done is done and Andy, Jayne, Jason and Laura now all face the final eviction at the end of the week.

Big Brother 2016 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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