Big Brother 2016: Andy West gets angry over boring conversations

Big Brother 2016

Six weeks in the Big Brother 2016 house have seemingly left Andy West at breaking point.

And he's not alone with Jayne Connery also getting fed up with 'boring' chats in the house.

In tonight's show, in the smoking area, Jayne and Andy comment that they constantly hear the same conversation in the house now.

Later, most of the housemates have a water fight in the garden while Jayne decides to 'prank' the group by telling a fib to her housemates that she used to give naked massages on naturist beaches.

In the garden, some of the housemates decide to make a water slide out of bin bags while Jayne goes to the Diary Room.

Jayne reveals to Big Brother that she told a fib to her housemates because she sometimes she feels invisible, and now she has received some attention.

Later on, Andy tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that he’s becoming short-tempered because of the repetitive conversations in the house.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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