Big Brother 2016: Evelyn Ellis is snubbed by Alex Cannon and she's not happy

Big Brother 2016

Evelyn Ellis is mugged off by Alex Cannon on Big Brother 2016 tonight she's not impressed.

In this evening's show, housemates go head to head in a quiz where they are asked a series of probing questions about their time in the house. The quickest housemate to press their button and correctly answer Big Brother’s questions will progress through a series of zones. The aim of the task is to be one of only five housemates allowed into the winner’s zone, where only five potential prizes await.

Sam, Alex, Laura, Jackson and Andy make it to the winner’s zone. Andy and Laura do not win a prize, Jackson wins a spa experience, Alex wins a three course meal and picks Jason to dine with him.

After the task, in the diary room, Evelyn tells Big Brother she believes Alex should have invited her to his prize dinner.

In the bathroom, Jackson gets to enjoy the massage that he won as part of his spa experience prize while In the garden, Alex and Jason tuck into the dinner that Alex won as part of the task.

Back in the main house, in the storeroom, alcohol is now available to the housemates.

Laura watches on from bed, and is disappointed that Evelyn did not come and offer her some alcohol; “Evelyn I was testing you! You didn’t come in and tell me what there was!”

She replies; “You were in bed! Apologies, I didn’t think I was being tested…”

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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