Big Brother 2016: Charlie Doherty claims Jason Burrill KNEW she was going in the house


Charlie Doherty has claimed that Jason Burrill knew full well she was heading into the Big Brother house.

Evicted Charlie, who had been together with Jason before the show, has alleged that Jason has known from APRIL that she would be in the house.

She's accused him of faking his shocked reaction to seeing her in the house last month.

"Jason knew before Big Brother that I was going in, I remember the date as we went to see my dad for his wedding anniversary, I told him on April 30," Charlie said this week.

She explained: "I knew it was confidential, though the reason I told him was because I was trying to get him back at that point. I trusted him with it as he knew I'd done the audition way back in February, and also that I'd been shortlisted.

"Then on the show, when he said 'Oh God, the blood drained from my face when I saw you, I thought you were in Ibiza', it was bulls***."

Speaking to the Daily Star, Charlie went on to say that she kept quiet about Jason knowing while in the house so she wasn't kicked out.

She said: "If I'd let slip Jason knew I was going in for a month before the show actually aired, when it was meant to be confidential, I was worried they'd boot me out the back door.

"Besides, I had loyalty to him. If I said 'you knew' I'd have mugged him off on TV. He was barefaced lying though."

Charlie, who also alleged that Jason had told her he "wouldn't be seen dead" on Big Brother, concluded: "The only reason he got put in was because of me, they put him in to twist things for me as I'd been talking about him in my audition process."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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