Big Brother latest! Shock nominations twist, fun in the sun and Evelyn embarrassed

Big Brother 2016

Here are all of the latest Big Brother goings on from the house over the past 24 hours.

- Despite the ridiculous hot weather, housemates decided to spend the morning in bed even with Big Brother repeatedly asking them to get up. Eventually Jayne - in her heels as per - literally dragged them out from the covers.

- Once they were up, housemates enjoyed the sun with Evelyn and Hughie making home made water balloons out of condoms.

- The group then opened up a home made water park in the garden with a slide made out of bin bags.

- Yesterday saw nominations were revealed to us viewers with four currently up for the axe but there's a twist in store...

- Housemates took part in a new task, answering Big Brother's questions in order to win one of five mystery prizes. However only one prize was worth having...

- Sam won Big Brother's special prize and had the nominations twist sprung on him. He had to pick one of the four nominated housemates to save and pick another to face eviction in their place.

- Jayne tried to get her own back on the housemates for the pranks pulled on her by telling the group a made up story about how she used to work as a naked penis masseuse.

- Evelyn continued to fawn over Alex, although feared she had just embarrassed herself on TV over the whole thing

- In Celebrity Big Brother news, the first housemate appears to have been confirmed ahead of next Thursday's launch.

- Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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