Big Brother 2016: Laura Carter in tears over facing eviction again

Big Brother 2016

Laura Carter was left in tears in tonight's Big Brother 2016 over fears about facing the axe on Friday.

Jason Burrill, Jackson Blyton, Laura Carter and Jayne Connvery were nominated for the week's last eviction on the show this evening.

In tonight's show, Big Brother announced to the house that the week’s nominations would begin shortly and that these would be their final nominations.

Throughout the day housemates nominated for the last time in the diary room however there was a twist in the tail.

Once everyone had voted, the housemates were gathered by Big Brother on the sofas for the results, unaware that their nominations would be played back to the whole house.

Laura cried after she was put up for the axe again, fearing the crowd reaction after getting booed last Friday.

She admitted: "It's scary to face that again.

"I know I'm going to be the one going, it's scary getting that many boos."

Jayne tried to reassure her: "You're going to be in the final."

Evelyn added: "Pull yourself together."

It wasn't just tears from Laura, who was also angry at Sam for his 'lame' reason for nominating her.

But he stood firm: "I had no valid reason for anyone else, the only person that's done me wrong that I know is you."

Laura then sobbed to him: "It's awful knowing what I'm going to face."

"I've tried to stay so strong over the past few weeks. They [the crowd] scare me out there, no matter how much I say they don't," she cried to Evelyn in the bedroom.

Elsewhere, Jackson and Jason rowed over nominations and Jackson also clashed with Evelyn in the nominations fallout.

Housemates are currently unaware that one of the four nominated housemates will soon be SAVED in a new twist before lines open.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 with the next live eviction this Friday evening with Emma Willis.

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