Big Brother 2016: Who nominated who? Final nominations!

Big Brother 2016

The Big Brother 2016 housemates have nominated for the final time but who nominated who?

In tonight's show, Big Brother announced to the house that this week’s nominations would begin shortly and that these would be their final nominations.

All housemates who survive Friday’s eviction will then face the public vote to win Big Brother 2016.

Throughout the day housemates nominated for the last time in the diary room before they were gathered by Big Brother on the sofas, unaware that their nominations will now be played to the whole house as part of a new twist.

Here's how those votes went...

Big Brother 2016: Who nominated who?

Sam nominated Jason and Laura

Laura nominated Alex and Jackson

Jason nominated Jayne and Laura

Jackson nominated Jason and Evelyn

Evelyn nominated Jackson and Jason

Jayne nominated Jason and Jackson

Andy nominated Laura and Hughie.

Hughie nominated Jason and Andy

Alex nominated Laura and Jayne

Therefore Jason received 5 nominations, Laura had 4 nominations, Jackson received 3 nominations and Jayne received two nominations. As a result they all face eviction as things stand however one will get the chance to save themselves before the public vote opens.

Alex, Evelyn, Andy and Hughie all received the one nomination. Sam did not receive any nominations.

Are you happy with this evening's nomination results? ell us in the comments below!

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 with the next live eviction this Friday evening with Emma Willis.

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