Big Brother 2016 nominations take place one last time but who's up for eviction?

Big Brother 2016

The Big Brother 2016 housemates have nominated for the final time this series, but who will be up for the chop?

In tonight's show, Big Brother announces to the house that this week’s nominations will begin shortly and that these will be their final nominations.

All housemates who survive Friday’s eviction will then face the public vote to win Big Brother 2016, causing housemates to cheer.

Andy announces that they are ‘all semi-finalists’ and they congratulate each other.

Throughout the day housemates nominate for the last time in the diary room before they are gathered by Big Brother on the sofas, unaware that their nominations will now be played to the whole house.

After the nominations’ result is revealed, along with al the noms, some housemates question the reasons why they were nominated.

With tensions rising, Big Brother throws the housemates a party to celebrate Sam’s birthday, housemates dance and enjoy the party food and drink.

However it's not long before nominations talk creeps back in.

Andy says in the diary room; “Some of the nominations were a real eye opener, you never know what people are really thinking in this house!”

Who nominated who and who's up for eviction? Find out in tonight's Big Brother at 9PM on Channel 5.

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