Big Brother 2016: Evelyn Ellis refuses to spill on Alex Cannon 'kiss' but he has THIS to say

Big Brother 2016

Evelyn Ellis says she wants to keep her kiss with Alex Cannon private on tonight's Big Brother 2016.

While we may have all seen the rather awkward moment she went in for a snog in the bedroom, captured by more than 40 cameras and 100 microphones, the other housemates were unaware.

In tonight's show, Laura Carter wants the goss from her Big Brother bestie.

In the toilet, Laura asks Evelyn ‘if something else other than kissing happened’ between her and Alex.

Evelyn replies: “I can’t tell you!

"It will all be on TV, I’m trying to keep it private…all I’m saying is that the frustration is high right now!”

Meanwhile, in the smoking area, Alex is talking to Jackson about Evelyn.

He reveals: “She pulled me up on something, that I only talk to her after a few drinks…I was like, it's not like I can turn around and say cos I was drunk!

"I have to speak to her…I don’t want her to feel bad again.

"She’s dead cuddly in the night and in the morning, I’m like ‘wake up kid’!”

Jackson laughs; “She’s just not used to proper lads!”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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