Big Brother housemates shocked by Brexit and a new Prime Minister

Big Brother 2016

The Big Brother housemates have reacted to news of the EU referendum result and fallout.

It's been well over a month now since the housemates entered the BBUK house back at the start of June and since then a LOT has happened.

From the EU referendum result to a brand new Prime Minster, all was revealed to the group in last night's show after Big Brother gathered housemates on the sofas for a new task.

Andy became a news reporter for 'BB News', and reported on news headlines about the housemates, and on news from the outside world.

Housemates were asked if they thought a number of headlines – including ‘Britain voted to leave the EU’, ‘Mick Jagger is to become a father’ and ‘the UK has a new Prime Minister’ – were fact or fiction before Big Brother revealed the truth.

Housemates felt the UK wouldn't have left the EU - even Leave supporter Jason - but the real result of the referendum stunned the group.

Although it did seem some housemates didn't quite grasp the consequences, as Sam pondered if it meant the UK no longer being a part of Europe completely.

A shocked Andy said: “That’s really really worrying."

News of Theresa May's appointment as Prime Minister meanwhile caused Jackson to exclaim: “We’ve got a girl as Prime Minister? [...] That’s never happened!”

Andy meanwhile had his head on the desk.

He eventually commented: “I actually can’t believe it.

"I didn’t have much time for the shiny faced pack of gammon that is David Cameron but...”

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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